Anduro Technologies Launches SEO-Browser, an Exciting New Development for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Market

Calgary, (PRWEB) June 25, 2005

Anduro Technologies, in cooperation with alliance partners McAnerin Networks and Commerx, officially launched their new web based SEO utility, SEO-Browser. For the first time ever, a clean, intuitive interface gives the Search Engine Marketing community easy access to a collection of powerful analytics and diagnostic tools.

About SEO-Browser:

SEO-Browser is more than the evolution of text based web browsing; it is a powerful Search Engine Optimization research tool that will change the way you look at websites. SEO- Browser gives you the ability to see a page just like a search engine spider would by simulating a “spider’s eye view,” showing you the exact text that is registered by the major search engines. Advanced features include Linearization & Tokenization, Detailed Page Analytics & Measurements, Text & Code Viewing, and more.

SEO-Browser offers a tremendous advantage to the website promotion industry by skilfully combining a number of tools that, up to now, were scattered across the web:

Text Browser