ARELIS vs. LinkAssistant. The King Is Dead, Long Live The King!

(PRWEB) August 13, 2005

The glove is throw down. The new generation of reciprocal link exchange software named LinkAssistant is aimed to oust famous ARELIS, which is considered to be the most popular link exchange tool nowadays. ignites the link exchange revolution with their new product LinkAssistant. They managed to reinvent the approach to finding and creating reciprocal links and adjust it to the harsh today’s reality. It becomes more and more obvious that the old tactics of increasing your website’s popularity through a zillions of meaningless reciprocal links is not so effective as it used to be a couple of years ago. Now you need to get relevant and weighty link partners, communicate with them fast and efficiently, generate fully customizable links pages which can be seamlessly integrated into your website.

LinkAssistant helps doing all these tasks easily, spending only some minutes for a job that would take months of tedious work if done manually. For its very first release LinkAssistant 1.0 delivers more than 50 pioneering features and innovations which has never been provided by such tools before, including:

Finding potential link partners by keywords, those who already link to you or your competitors, harvesting all links from one page or domain

and certainly import from ARELIS projects.

Discovering link partner’s Google PageRank as well as popularities in the top search engines including Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Sending and receiving email letters to all your link partners in three clicks using built-in email client.

Generating fully customizable links pages and ability to fine-tune these pages according to your website design.

Previewing and further processing of link partners in the embedded and highly integrated browser.

… and many other unique and useful features.

Since today is spearheading the link exchange revolution with its LinkAssistant software, providing the most advanced solution for any java-compatible platform including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Who will win the fight? Will ARELIS lose leading market positions giving a way to LinkAssistant? It’s a bit early to say this right now, but users will definitely win from this competition…

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