Backlink Advertising Network, AdCaliber, Debuts

(PRWEB) June 28, 2005

AdCaliber, a new backlink advertising network, makes its debut in the online advertising world this week.

AdCaliber is a unique advertising network that allows advertisers to simultaneously reach their customers while improving their search engine rankings and increasing their web presence at the same time.

AdCaliber offers websites the opportunity to advertise on other websites via backlinks. Most other existing ad networks simply offer standard web advertisements without the residual effects of a backlink. AdCaliber is different. Each advertisement links directly back to the advertiser’s website, which helps the advertiser improve its search engine rankings.

Websites may sign up for AdCaliber for free. The website then earns credits by displaying advertisements on its own site. Credits can then be used to set up advertising campaigns. Advertisers may target website by Google Pagerank, Alexa Rank, and subject matter so ads are highly targeted by site quality and topic. Each advertiser currently receives 100 free credits for signing up and earns 100 additional credits for referrals.

Installation is an easy process with AdCaliber. Websites must paste a simple three-line PHP code onto their PHP-enabled websites and ads will begin running immediately. Default ads will appear until the website is approved by AdCaliber. Websites must support PHP to participate in the ad network, however AdCaliber has plans to expand to other dynamic formats such as ASP and Cold Fusion.

AdCaliber is currently free to use.


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