Ensure your site does well, despite the search engine wars.

(PRWEB) February 2, 2003

Most in the search engine industry are predicting a battle between the giants: Google, Yahoo and MSN. Yahoo recently struck the first blow by buying out Inktomi, who provide some of MSNs results. With search engine traffic being one of the biggest sources of free traffic, your business could rise or fall depending on how well you understand them.

Search engine expert Chris Ridings, well known within the industry for demystifying Google’s PageRank, is taking steps to help businesses get the most out of search engines. A new site, called Search Guild ( http://www.searchguild.com/ ), aims to provide a free discussion facility where anybody can talk about search engines.

Business, webmasters, or anybody interested in getting more search engine traffic can now chat directly with search engine experts.

Though search guild is not alone in providing this service, it does more than any site has done before to provide a user environment that is most effective for it’s users. More confidential discussions can be had in small private discussion areas that any user can set up. In addition, Search Guild is particularly proud to ease the usage of the site by providing an Internet Explorer Toolbar.