Premier Homeland Security Web Portal To Be Sold

(PRWEB) February 2, 2005

TwoTigersOnline and the National Homeland Security Knowledgebase, a premier internet destination for comprehensive homeland security information and resources, is now offered for sale. The well established, high traffic internet destination boasts tens of thousands of inbound links (hot-linked graphic banners with backlinks) from sites of related subject matter and holds TOP 5 ranking on major search engines using the popular search phrase “homeland security”. The site carries a Google PageRank (PR) rating of 7.

The visibility, popularity and positioning of the site, combined with the timeliness and broad national interest in the subject matter, provides a unique opportunity for the astute industry player. The site provides a powerful marketing, branding and lead generation vehicle for any company or organization seeking a highly targeted and effective method of promoting homeland security / public safety related products and services.

Traffic to the site is driven, in part, via a network of tens of thousands of related websites displaying threat level banners sourced from and linked back to the Knowledgebase using code snippets offered on the site. This provides the buyer of the site complete control over the appearance of those graphic banners….a windfall marketing and branding opportunity. The careful addition of a corporate brand to the banner designs immediately results in that brand or message appearing on tens of thousands of sites across the U.S. and around the world.

The site includes an active, revenue generating online store currently populated with products focused on preparedness and emergency response. The products are promoted within the Knowledgebase using strategically placed graphic ads and links. The existing product offerings can be maintained, or replaced entirely with other products of interest to this audience.

Potential Site Uses

Promotion/Sale of Related Products and Services

Use site as a subsidiary vehicle or “affiliate” to existing company site for promotion and sale of “homeland security” related products and services. Simply rebrand site and change ads in the Knowledgebase to point toward site store or different site entirely.

Use site and banner network as tools to increase brand recognition

Paid advertising

Search Engine Ranking (Search phrase: “homeland security”)

The National Homeland Security Knowledgebase

Google: #4

Yahoo: #5

Alltheweb: #4

AltaVista: #4

HotBot: #4

Teoma: #6

AOL: #6

Link/Domain Popularity (Number of sites w/ links to the Knowledgebase)

Yahoo!: 42,600

Alltheweb: 41,200

AltaVista: 41,800

MSN: 21,427

Google: 820*

Teoma: 299*

AOL: 550*

*Particular search engine typically provides only small sampling of total backlinks. Number much great than that shown.

About The National Homeland Security Knowledgebase

The National Homeland Security Knowledgebase, established and maintained by Two Tigers, is the internet’s most comprehensive resource portal focused on the topics of homeland defense, counter-terrorism, emergency management, disaster preparedness, critical infrastructure protection, and increasing the public’s overall level of situational awareness and readiness.

For full details, including traffic and revenue figures and to discuss offers, contact:

Steven Aukstakalnis

Two Tigers Online

(910) 458-0690

Nat’l Homeland Security Knowledgebase:


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