Riptionary Offers Run-Of-Site Sponsorships Unlimited Exposure – No Competition

Asbury Park, NJ (PRWEB) November 3, 2005

In the competitive field of surf apparel and equipment, the struggle for advertising prominence doesn’t come cheaply or easily.

Magazines and websites are saturated with so many ads that they blur into a soup of flashy logos and slick graphics that are almost impossible to differentiate at first glance. has changed that.

Today, companies that are tired of the competition of online advertising are offered free reign at with our new Run-of-Site sponsorships. has tapped the popularity of surfing and cornered a share of it by compiling the largest and most comprehensive surf-lingo database online—bar none. Our site is used as a reference source by students and journalists, marketing firms and anthropologists, and even the curious looky-look; we get ‘em all.

True, not everyone can be a surfer, but many want to talk like it. Chances are that if they use a search engine in their quest for this knowledge, they end up at We’re a top PageRank site at Google and garner top-tier positions in every other leading search engine including MSN, Yahoo, AOL, DMOZ, and Ask.

What’s more is we’re sticky; on average, our patrons view more than 30 pages of content per visit. This allows us to prominently display your company, and positively reinforce your brand and message on more than a million of our pages each year.

With a run-of-site sponsorship we’ll prominently display your company ad as our “Featured Sponsor” for a fixed period of time. And since our sponsorships are exclusive you’ll enjoy unlimited exposure with absolutely no competition.

Surf over to for more information and start turning our browsers into your buyers today. is a database of surf lingo capturing more than a thousand of the most interesting, entertaining and informative terms submitted by surfers from points around the world. Since its inception in 2002, has grown into the largest online repository of surf lingo boasting more than a million page views per year. For more information, visit

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